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Great Kashmir lakes trek

Setting afoot for exploring the unknown Himalayas always tickles the adventurous me that lay in my inner recesses for long. A wee bit skeptical that was I from the pictures of the places... READ MORE

Trip to Orchha

There is always a classification of everything that is a part of the world, be it people, animal, non-living things whether they are good or bad. Fortunately, I must say, I am the... READ MORE

Jaipur: The pink city

The land of culture, history and folklores, Jaipur is the place where time stops. The Pink City of India, Jaipur is on every traveller’s list and it rightfully deserves its spot! This place... READ MORE

Trip to Tadoba

Tadoba Andheri Tiger Reserve, located in Chandrapur District of Maharashtra is the state’s oldest and largest National Park. This Tropical Dry Deciduous forest spreads across an area of 625 square kilometers, and is home... READ MORE

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